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Make True Impact.

Join an international team that is dedicated to make the world a better and safer place, one line of code at a time

Create a safer world.

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Become a member of the TRG team and join our journey to Secure Better Lives

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Creating a safer world.

Our journey at TRG is about working together, shoulder by shoulder, with an amazing team of talented professionals on solving real-world challenging problems using cutting-edge technologies like data fusion, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We promise you will never stop learning!

Who are we

Who we are

We are a global tech enterprise that focuses on developing data fusion systems through integrated solutions to help our customers worldwide secure better lives for their citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers through state-of-the-art technologies that enable them to harness big data and distill meaningful insights and valuable analytics.


Providing the best-in-class solutions demands the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies to harness big data, such us data fusion, machine learning, NLP and artificial intelligence.

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Life at TRG
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Work is a thing you do, not a place you go.

We are in this TRGogether.












Big Team
TRG is a global multinational company with people working remotely, from our four offices and on the move.
We believe that good talent is not tied to a specific location and can be found anywhere!
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Our core values truly define us.

When people ask what it is like to work at TRG they will immediately hear the core values we live by, as individuals, and we work by as a unit. Though technology is important, people always come first.
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Let's do it!
  • When great minds tackle a challenge they commit to solving it

  • We follow a can-do approach, taking responsibility for milestones

  • We work in small teams with clear responsibilities and independence

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Passion is our fuel
  • We are eager to improve and do better

  • We pursue growth and never stop learning

  • Learn. Grow. Innovate. We have designated learning hours, internal training, and a conference plan

  • We keep an honest and transparent feedback cycle every quarter

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We make an impact
  • We bring innovation and always ask why

  • We challenge ourselves and others 

  • We foster innovation and creative problem solving through internal hackathons, our product has features our employees started!

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We work together
  • One for all, and all for one

  • We are Mensches, people of integrity and honor 

  • Open door policy where everybody is reachable 

  • Monthly company meetings for updates and Q&A

  • Pulse surveys for team’s and individual feedback 

  • We work hard but also play hard :) (virtual happy hours, company events, and TRG Blenders sessions)


Your best job starts now.

The perks and benefits that matter most

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We care about

Personal & Professional Growth / Your well-being / Your future / Providing you with the right environment to excel

We invest in our people’s well-being, whether that is improving or developing new skills, learning new things, attending conferences, fostering time together through happy hours, or chair massage days. Your best job starts now.

Continuous Learning

Knowledge is power but only if it’s shared. Keep learning and growing with a free Udemy subscription

Conference Plan

Attend conferences throughout the year to bring back innovation and new methods

Training Plan

Gain new knowledge and skills, either for work or personal development

Lunch is on us!

Stop worrying about your food prep for the week. Enjoy healthy (or not!) meals every day

Gym Sponsorship

A healthy mind in a healthy body. We offer a free gym membership

Ping-pong Room

Need a break? Challenge a colleague and have some fun

Medical Insurance

Your health is really important to us, that's why we got your back!

Yearly Bonus

The sky is the limit. You set how high your yearly bonus is

Results driven

We are a results-driven company. We measure performance, not the time you spent in front of your desk

Flexible hours

Are you a creative night owl or a morning bird? You have the option to define a schedule that suits you and you team

Work on location

Our offices are designed as comfortable spaces, equipped with free snacks, soft drinks, and loads of coffee

Work from home

Work is a thing you do, not a place you go. We embrace remote work to give you an extra productivity boost 


Your future awaits.

Explore exciting career opportunities at TRG across the globe

TRG is committed to securing better lives and we are true believers that good talent can be found everywhere and it’s not tied to a specific location, whether that means working out of our headquarters in Cyprus, or working remotely permanently as a great number of our current team members distributed across many around the world.


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