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Empower Lives, Defend Futures.

Welcome to TRG Careers, where opportunities align with your ambitions and where we secure better lives.

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Join the TRG Mission

Here at TRG we empower our customers to fight crime and terror through cutting-edge technology. Explore the distinctive steps crafted to introduce you to our dynamic team and the exciting roles that await.

High Fives
Your Path to Impact.

From the initial Introduction Call to the final HR Interview, each step is designed to provide insight into who we are, our values, and the instrumental role you could play in our mission to empower and defend.

Catching Up
Explore. Engage. Envision.

Discover our culture through warm conversations, technical assessments, and collaborative interviews. This is more than a recruitment process; it's an invitation to start an enriching journey with TRG, contributing to a safer and more secure world through innovation.

Ready to Begin?

Your future with TRG starts now. Explore the steps below and take the first stride towards a rewarding career. Welcome to a world of possibilities where you can make a real impact on global safety and security!

Your Journey with TRG 

At TRG, each step in our recruitment process is designed to be an enriching experience, providing you with a clear understanding of who we are and how you can contribute to our shared success. We look forward to taking this journey together!
Introduction call with our Talent Acquisition Partner

Embark on your journey with a friendly conversation! Our Talent Acquisition Partners are here to guide you through the initial steps, providing insights into our vibrant company culture, the dynamics of your potential team, and the exciting role that awaits you. This isn't an interview; it's a chance for you to familiarize yourself with TRG, understand our values, and get a glimpse into the adventure that awaits you. We'll cover everything from the details of your contract to the array of benefits we offer, ensuring you're well-informed as we kick off the recruitment process together.

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1st Interview with Hiring Manager

Engage in a meaningful dialogue with your future manager! This first interview is an opportunity for you to share your experiences and aspirations. Ask questions, delve into the technical nuances of the role, and discover more about the exciting challenges that lie ahead. It's a chance for both parties to connect on a professional level, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

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Skill Assesment

Demonstrate your technical prowess with a take-home assignment designed to showcase your skills. This hands-on evaluation allows you to exhibit your capabilities in a practical setting. As you tackle the assignment, envision the exciting projects you could contribute to at TRG. It's a vital step in ensuring a strong alignment between your skills and the unique opportunities within our team.

Working Alone in the Office
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Therapy Session
2nd Interview 

Engage in a collaborative session with your Hiring Manager and another team member. Dive into the details of your skills assessment, discussing solutions, receiving constructive feedback, and exploring how your approach aligns with our team's goals. This interview is a dynamic exchange, providing valuable insights and fostering a deeper understanding of your potential impact within our organization.

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HR Interview

Take a closer look at the cultural fit during our HR interview. This conversation is more than just a formality; it's an opportunity for us to understand you personally and professionally. Share your story, clarify any remaining questions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique culture that defines TRG. It's a chance for you to see if our values resonate with yours, ensuring a harmonious integration into our diverse and dynamic workplace.

Job interview

Please note: This is the standard hiring process. Steps may vary according to role seniority and other factors.

Join Our Team, Impact the Future.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a rewarding career with TRG! Your journey doesn't end here; it's just beginning. Once you've successfully navigated through our insightful recruitment process, the excitement continues with a seamless onboarding experience.

Decision & Feedback Meeting

Closing the Loop: Before the formal offer, we conduct a meeting with our internal team members involved in the recruitment process. It's an opportunity to discuss feedback, address any remaining questions, and collectively make decisions. Transparency is key, and we want you to feel informed every step of the way.


Your First Day

Welcome Aboard: Your first day at TRG is a celebration! You'll be warmly welcomed, introduced to your team, and provided with all the resources you need to hit the ground running.

Orientation: Dive into TRG's culture and values through our comprehensive orientation program. Get to know the faces, places, and tools that make TRG an extraordinary workplace.


What's next?

Acceptance & Offer: Upon selection, you'll receive a formal offer from TRG. Accept it, and get ready to embark on this exciting adventure.

Onboarding Guidance: Our People & Culture team will guide you through the necessary paperwork, introductions, and preparations for your first day.


Beyond Orientation

Continuous Development: Your growth is our priority. Engage in ongoing training, development programs, and mentorship opportunities to enhance your skills and advance your career.

Team Building Activities: Strengthen team bonds through engaging and fun activities. Whether it's online challenges or offline events, we believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

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